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5-Axis High Precision Dual Laser Micro-processing Stage

XYT-ZZ 5 Axis Motion Stage
CCD vision for easy focus & position adjustments
Seamless Large Area Laser Stitching
600x400x200mm x 350D
1 um repetitive accuracy
Windows 7 Operation GUI
4" and 8" Vaccum Chucks
Motion, laser and Vision Alignment system integration
IR + Green + UV ps-laser
Dual scanner head auto shuttle
High precision large area marking by 5 axis coordination
Customizable User-friendly software, flexible to upgrades & increase in functions

Extremely accurate movement control allows for perfectly seamless large area laser processes. Fixed laser output also allows power to be consistent at all times. Vaccum chucks holds material on motion stage to secure its position firmly. Stable machine performance with continuous R&D support.

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