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Precision Laser Solutions is the direct distributor of TBH's filtration systems and accessories, covering the SEA areas. Drop us an email/call for more information on product ranges! We are happy to help and advise you for suitable applications.

LN Series (high performance for small cross-sections and long intake pipes)

The LN series is characterised by its greater performance, as compared to the GL series. Hence, these machines are suitable for fume extraction through small cross-sections and long intake pipes as they can be found, for example, in a centralised arrangement of the fume extraction system; whereby (depending on the application) the air achieves a higher speed and will prevent the dust from settling in the pipe.
The machines can be adapted to various applications due to the flexible configuration of the filter modules.
They are suitable to filter, amongst others, tacky and damp dust that might be generated by soldering, laser machining or the work with solvents or adhesives.

LN Series
GL-Desk (quiet and energy-efficient)

The GreenLine series is designed to be especially energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It features a reduction of noise levels and is therefore particularly suitable for the use in quiet environments such as laboratories and offices.
The modular construction provides flexible filter configuration to suit a wide variety of applications.
The GL series is also suitable for the filtration of tacky and damp dust such as soldering fume, laser emissions, vapors generated by solvents or adhesives and many more.


FP series systems are suitable for collecting dry dust. They are equipped with filter cartridges which can be cleaned with compressed air and therefore have a particular high capacity and lifetime. Application is recommended in case of high amounts of dry particles as generated for example by mechanical material processing such as milling, drilling, grinding and laser machining of dry materials. A special pre-coating process will make the filter cartridges suitable for collecting tacky or damp dust. For more information, contact your TBH representative.


The FPV series devices are designed for mechanical pre-filtering of dust and particulate matter. They are connected ahead of other filtration devices to reduce filter costs. The easily cleanable filter cartridges provide the capacity to collect a wide range of particles from coarse to medium to fine particulate matter. The extracted dust is stored in a collection basis which provides for the easy and clean disposal of the filtered pollutants.
Accordingly, the FPV series is suitable for sites of operation where a large amount of dry dust is produced. We would like to advise you on the extraction of damp and tacky dust my means of a precoating process.

Small Systems Compair S / ChipCollector

The Chip Collector is a cost efficient system for collecting chips and coarse dust as generated in mechanical processing of dry materials such as engraving, milling or drilling. The CompairS is suitable for tacky and damp dust such as solder fume or solvent or adhesive vapors.

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